There is something hopeless in such cold

"Do any of you know how incredibly long winter seems in climates where for weeks together the thermometer stands at zero? There is something hopeless in such cold. You think of summer as of a thing read about somewhere in a book, but which has no actual existence. Winter seems the only reality in the world."
—Susan Coolidge, What Katy Did at School

Winter is really getting to me this year. It's been so cold, and the streets were never plowed after the snow, so we've been driving around on hard-packed snow (which is slowly turning into ice) for a couple of weeks now. On top of that, the air quality is terrible! I'm not asking for spring—yet—but perhaps a teeny-weeny thaw, just enough to get that nasty snow off the roads? Oh, and while I'm making wishes, could our city please buy—and use—a couple of snowplows?

I get grumpy when I have to go out, because I hate driving on the terrible roads, and because it's so, so cold. But I'm also feeling a bit crazy from staying inside, because I don't want to go out, because it's so cold and yucky out. So basically, I'm disgruntled either way. I think my bad spirits are starting to rub off on the kids, which needs to stop! But I'm way past the point where drinking hot cocoa or sitting in front of the fire or reading The Long Winter is going to get me excited anymore.

What do you do to keep your spirits up in the winter?


  1. Oh, you should come here to Houston! It's definitely starting to look like Spring. I already planted some corriander/cilantro on my balcony. As for how to deal with it, I say just stay in and read or do crafts. Hang in there.

  2. We don't have near the bad winters that you have. But, for some reason , this winter , I too am so ready for it to be spring.. It has been so cold and miserable.
    We had an ice storm [just on a small scale,went away in 2 days,thank GOd] and I tell you, I could not drive on it. I would definitely have wrecked the car.ha
    I live in Mississippi and we really get crippled in the snow/ice weather.
    We are in the 40's today, and that is too cold for me. I have a friend in Mn and they are in the negative digits. I feel so sorry for her. She too,is ready to see sunshine again .
    I was feeling so down from the cold, so yesterday, I decided to pull out some spring/summer sewing patterns, I chose a cute little summer top and went and picked out some fabric.I am going to start sewing on some spring fabrics [who says you have to sew what you will wear right now?]. I think the pretty spring colors will lift my spirts. And when the sunshine returns with the warm temps, I will have some new spring clothes.
    Sorry I have not been encouraging..

  3. I brought home a $3.99 bouquet of carnations the other day, and they were like a magic spell. :) I think adding plants and bright colors always helps around this point in January. Citrus, too! Keep the blinds closed and pretend it's spring?

  4. I've forgotten what I used to do! Where I live now you have to drive an hour or 2 to find any snow. ( : I recall visiting a friend once in the winter and she had her kids dressed up in their swimsuits and they were pretending to be at the beach. I guess you can use your imagination and pretend it's a nice hot summer day!

  5. I was just posting about the winter cold too. We were in the negative teens for about two weeks, but thankfully this week we've been in the 40s in the day and 20s at night. Such a nice respite! And we do have snow plows, so at least driving isn't an issue here.
    I've been lifting my spirits fawning over the adorable little fuzzball baby chicks we just added to the farm. Hard to be sad with such cuteness. I'll post some pics soon and you could go look at them when you need a lift. ;-)