The pantry, clean

Last week, I tore into the pantry and deep-cleaned it. I actually have cleaned it since we moved into this house, more than once, but it was long overdue for some attention.

I cleaned up the spills and onion skins and spiderwebs in the bottom. I wiped everything down. I moved a few rarely used items elsewhere, and even found a few to donate.

I think I haven't been properly grateful for my pantry. It's just a closet near the kitchen, and it doesn't seem all that big, but when it was emptied out, the items covered all of my kitchen counters. I'm so glad I have it!


  1. I really have to get mine sorted out and cleaned, but it seems so overwhelming! I don't even really know where to begin. Any tips?

    Btw, I wanted to comment on your other post about winter getting you down. I hope you feel better soon! My tip is to workout! I've found that my anxiety is much lower when I'm working out regularly and I know the same has been proven for depression. You tube is great for finding and sampling different work out routines. Be Fit is a great channel. And there are fun dance ones too, if the "real" work outs bore you, like they do me a lot of the time. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, Bethany. I've noticed that I often feel better when I'm walking Red Chief home from school, so perhaps I can work a little more activity into my routine earlier in the day.

      I was totally overwhelmed by my pantry. In the end, I just had to empty it out, clean it out, and then start putting things back in in a logical manner. It worked out in the end, but at one point, staring at all that stuff covering my counters, I thought I was crazy.

      On the bright side, I found some things I didn't know I had, including four open bags of chocolate chips. Yes!

    2. Oh, and another thought: I've started storing ingredients in jars (mostly quart jars) instead of bags, and my pantry is much less messy now! The bags always seemed to break or leak.

      I also corralled some things in cut-out boxes (like the cereal and plastic wrap), so with any luck, they'll wander less in the future.

  2. Oh..doesn't it feel wonderful when you get one of those deep cleaning jobs accomplished?
    I actually cleaned mine a couple weeks ago.It was so in need of it. And looked so nice, I reorganized it.. Always helps .. Have a great day.

  3. I was sick and stuck in the house when I decided to take your advice! I cleaned my pantry, then my spice cupboard, and I just kept going to all of my cupboards. I found things that I forgot I had, and realized that I was keeping the same products in a few different places! I even got around to organizing my storage containers again... I am sure that I will have to do that again soon. I feel organized and accomplished. Thank you for the encouragement.