PVC-frame playhouse

My husband and I thought it would be fun to collaborate on a Christmas gift for the kids. He designed and built a PVC frame, and I sewed the cover to make this playhouse.

I bought the fabric for the bottom a long time ago at a thrift store, because I couldn't resist it. It is quite heavy. I had to buy some black fabric to match for the roof. This project took a ton of thread, with all the hemming and sewing and finishing. I sewed the roof to the bottom with a triple stitch in hopes that it won't rip out any time soon.

The kids have had such a good time with the playhouse so far. If they ever get tired of it, we can just take it down and store it, since the pipes are not glued. I think they'll also enjoy playing in it outside during the summer.


  1. How cute, I just know the kids are having so much fun in it..\
    The adorable fabric is just perfect for the play house..
    Smart parents..

  2. Oh how cute. I want one to play in, too haha.

  3. It's adorable. What a fun Christmas gift!