Deep cleaning

We've been living in our house for five years now, and I've been realizing the past few months that our house is due for a deep, floor-to-ceiling, pull-out-all-the-furniture cleaning.

I started last month with our smallest bathroom. It didn't take long, but it felt good to know it was all clean, from the baseboards to behind the toilet to the ventilation fan on the ceiling.

This week as Red Chief and I were turning his room upside-down to look for a library book, I knew that his room had to be next. I noticed that the bottom of his box spring was ripped, and I had Mr. Mordecai take it off so I could repair it. When he took it off, I noticed shocking amounts of dust around the corners underneath the bed, as well as a tremendous number of  cooties.

I obtained Red Chief's permission before he went to school that day, and then I tackled it. I took out two garbage bags of recycling and one of trash (he saves "materials" to create with, and I'm okay with that as long as he keeps it down to two boxes).

First I went through all his stuff and put it away (or threw it away . . .). I cleared off all the surfaces. It really wasn't too bad, except for the closet (which is where he keeps his "materials").

Then came dusting, wall-washing, window-cleaning, etc. (P.S. WD-40 will take sticky tape residue off the walls, and Bar Keeper's Friend will take baked-on tape residue off the window.)

Eventually I got down to the baseboards and floors. I moved all the furniture to vacuum under it. I wiped off and polished the furniture. I opened the window to let in some fresh air even though it's freezing.

And now I am satisfied to know that one more room in our house is really, truly clean.

Should I clean my son's room? I don't know. I'm not going to make a habit of it, that's for sure. But this week I did, and now I think it will be more sanitary and much easier for him to maintain.


  1. I am needing to do a deep cleaning as well.. It feels so wonderful, when you get it so clean.
    You ask should you clean your son's room, I think so for the deep cleaning.. Now, he will be able to maintain better..
    I so undersand the "materail keeping'.. Our son was the same way, but
    he went over board,ha. One time,there was a terrible smell in the house, I kept looking and couldnt find the source. Finally, I discovered.. Son had the idea he was going to make "dried fish bait".. He took a peice of chicken , put in a container, and was letting it "dry out"..Oh..how horrible!!! We had a serious talk on bacteria.lol

  2. I need to deep clean too. Did you find the library book in his room as you were cleaning?

    1. I found it during the search earlier that morning. :) It had fallen down behind his bookcase.