Dealing with the weather

Sorry I griped about the weather last week. I drove home from orchestra with a friend last week, and we complained about the weather the whole way home. I usually try to keep my conversation positive, but it was nice to feel that I wasn't the only one it was driving crazy.

I am feeling more positive about life and the weather now, partly because we had a little thaw (!) over the weekend. Hearing the dripping was great until we realized some of it was coming into our garage . . . but I'm trying not to think about that right now. Also trying not to think about the new storm that's blowing in.

In any case, here are some things I've done in the past week that have helped me feel better.

  • Going out to our (kids') favorite restaurant for dinner.
  • Cleaning things. It definitely makes me feel better!
  • Walking Red Chief home from school every day I possibly can—it feels so good to get out, even if it's freezing.
  • Punching up the thermostat a couple of degrees.
  • Wearing my fleece robe around the house, or a sweater, or long underwear, or all of the above.
  • Watching Jane Austen movies. And Star Trek.
  • Working on my current goals/focuses.
  • Reading lots.
  • Cooking food that takes a long time, like from-scratch chicken soup or no-knead bread.
  • Playing my violin.
  • Listening to Dvorak's Sonatina for violin and piano and Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite.
  • Trying to put myself in my kids' place and thinking of what I would like if I were them in this awful weather that keeps them inside all day. (That day Red Chief went to school with a thermos of soup.)
  • Combining errands so I don't have to venture out as much.

I see more of all these things in my near future. 


  1. Ooh I love Peer Gynt! I don't know the Dvorak piece but will check it out. Glad you found some ways of keeping above the blues!

  2. You have great motiviation, thank you for sharing.