Cooking calendar

I purchased a reprint of Betty Crocker's 1962 Cooking Calendar a few years ago, and I've enjoyed browsing through it.

This year I'm going to stop browsing and start cooking. I made two menus from this book in the past week and they were both hits with the family (and fun to make!).

The menus are arranged by month, and these are from January. The main dish recipes were given in the book; I had to fend for myself on the others, but that just added to the fun.


Weekend dinner
Oven-baked chicken with orange sauce
Buttered Brussels sprouts
Carrot-raisin salad
Hot biscuits
Chocolate pudding

My changes: Tragically, there were no Brussels sprouts at the grocery store when I went shopping, so we had to skip those. I modified the carrot-raisin salad into a purple cabbage-raisin-carrot coleslaw (which the kids ate!). We skipped the chocolate pudding in favor of leftover chocolate-mint birthday cake.


Supper before the basketball game
Ham-onion-broccoli casserole
Raspberry gelatin salad with peaches
Favorite pickles
Lemon-filled lemon velvet cake

My changes: I added frozen raspberries to the gelatin in addition to the peaches. I made a half-sized lemon bundt cake with cream cheese glaze for dessert. Oh, and we didn't attend a basketball game afterward.

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  1. Both meals sound wonderful.. Love the Cooking calendar..know your enjoying it. The cake on day 2 sounds terrific..