A clothespin apron

I sewed this apron for my mom's birthday, which falls right after Christmas. The whole thing is one big pocket, and it's to hold clothespins when you're hanging out the laundry.

Things went well until I couldn't figure out one of the steps exactly. Actually I never did, but luckily the apron still turned out mostly the right shape and size. The project is from One-Yard Wonders.

Also, as I was starting the project, I used lots of pins to attach the bias binding and I was thinking to myself how lovely it is to use pins because everything comes out just right, and that I should always use pins. But then when I attached the waistband I thought, "I don't need pins for this!" and then it didn't catch on the reverse side.

Lesson learned: take my own advice.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute idea... I have a clothes pin bag...but this would be so much easier.. I think an apron like this would be great for sewing too.. I do my cutting on my kitchen counter[bar] and have to transfer patterns
    , pin, scissors,tracing paper, etc back and forth. I think this would be great..maybe sew in some dividers..
    Great idea . And happy birthday to your mom.