2013 reading goals

I wasn't going to set a list of reading goals for this year . . . but I couldn't help myself. There's so much to read and so little time! I will try to keep it reasonable, though.

  • Read the Ensign cover to cover each month.
  • Read the Friend to my children each month.
  • Read the Book of Mormon in French.
  • Read two classics I haven't read before.
  • Re-read three classics I've read before.
  • Read some of the unread books in my personal library.
  • Read some of the books that have been on my to-read list for a long time.
  • Read something by D.E. Stevenson.
  • Read something by Carol Ryrie Brink.
  • Read something by Enid Blyton.
  • Read something about food storage.
  • Read something about family history.
  • Read something about science.
  • Read a book about fairy tales.
  • Read new books that come out this year that interest me.

On my list, I've included three authors whose works I'm working on (and enjoying!) getting through and some topics I'm interested in.

I want to read the Book of Mormon in French for several reasons: it's been ten years since I graduated from college and I don't want to forget French completely; I think it will give me a new perspective on the Book of Mormon; I think it will help me pay more attention during scripture study; I think it will wake up my brain a little; and finally, I haven't read the whole thing in French before. Why not?

Do you have any book recommendations for me, especially from the categories above? Even though my reading list is too long, I still love adding to it.


  1. Have you read the "Everything Food Storge and Survival Handbook" by Peggy Layton? That book was how I got started seed sprouting, and it's where I got the idea for my bookcase made out of cans.

  2. Read Baby Island by Carol Ryrie Brink. It's one of my favorites as my mother read it to us when we were little.

  3. Don't forget Zippy by Haven Kimmel, and She Got Up Off the Couch.

    (You're ambitious.)