Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

I'm not a Black Friday shopper. But this year, since we were in the area, we took our kids bowling at my alma mater that day (or Mr. Mordecai did, at any rate), and I went to the university's bookstore.

It is my favorite bookstore, and I'm not sure how I am able to exist living so far from it. Perhaps it's better for the budget.

In any case, I found a copy of the two-volume Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on clearance for $80. I picked it up to buy. I've been wanting a copy of the OED for some time, ever since I graduated from college and no longer had easy access to a library with a copy. I've been considering getting a used copy of the compact edition, but thinking about it realistically, I'm unlikely to use it as often when the book is unmanageable large and you have to read it with a magnifying glass.

In any case, I'm very happy with the Shorter OED and have enjoyed using it so far. It is obviously not as comprehensive as the full twenty-volume edition, but I think they did a good job choosing what to put in while still retaining its charm (such as usage citations and word history). You can read more about the Shorter OED here.

Oh, but I haven't told you the end of the story yet. It turned out at the checkout that the dictionary was actually 50% off the marked price of $80, and then everything in the store was an extra 20% off because of Black Friday. I walked out of there feeling like a thief. But that hasn't ruined my enjoyment of having a little bit of the OED in my own home!


  1. Yippee!! A Christmas treasure . . .


  2. What a great deal! We have the compact edition. It's entertaining to own, but it is a pain to actually use regularly. ( :

  3. Lucky! I've been considering the shorter version, but I keep looking at compact ones on ebay... :D If I could find a sweet deal like you did, though, I'd totally go for the short one.

  4. So happy for you.. I love, love when I get those unexpected sales..yea..