Pajamas for Red Chief

Last week I made pajamas for Red Chief for Christmas. The shirt was cut down from a hand-me-down from a neighbor. It was my first time cutting down a t-shirt, and while I have yet to see it on Red Chief, I think it went pretty well. Some of my stitching in the front got a little funny, but overall, I think it was my best experience so far with knits.

I also made him two little pairs of pants, the first from passed-along construction fabric and the second from my brother's old curtains.

I added ribbon tags to the backs of both to help Red Chief put them on the right way.


  1. Cute, cute, cute.. I love the little construction fabric. I know Red Chief will really love both pairs.. Great job..
    That is such a good idea to put the little ribbon in there. I will use this idea with my twin grandaughters. They were the same size for years, but the last year. One is getting a little heavier and a little taller, so when I make clothes, they have to be made different sizes. They don't wear "just alike " clothes much anymore, but when I do make matching outfits, this is a great idea , for the girls to know which is which. thanks for sharing that tip..

  2. Nice job! They look great.