Christmas preparations

My shopping is done, mostly by mail. I'm theoretically supposed to wrap everything as it comes in, but there is a pile of boxes in the top of a closet still waiting. As usual, I think I've collected too many things for the kids' stockings.

Mr. Mordecai made me a locked closet to keep gifts (and other stuff) in this year. I love it.

We're not decorating the tree or putting out the gifts until Christmas Eve. It's just easier that way. Yes, I'm lazy. We do have some other decorations up, though.

I have one large piece of required of sewing left to go, and several optional projects left. I love giving my kids things I've made myself.

I'm probably going to make this for Christmas dinner.

Christmas break is going to be too short! But I'm very excited for everyone to be home for a few days.

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  1. So proud you have your shopping done.. That is always such a relief.. I too,have finished the shopping. I am now, doing some baking and candy cooking..Stuff I can put in the freezer..
    Love the idea of the locked cabinet.. I sure needed this when I had kids at home.lol
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.