Choosing sewing projects

I don't sew very often, but when I do, I pick my projects carefully to balance several elements: what I have on hand, how much I would have to buy, whether I have the skills to make it, and whether it will be useful.

I may be about to throw that last one out the window, though. I have been thinking the past week or so that I want to learn to sew better, and one way to do that is to sew things that have techniques I want to learn. Also, I think just sewing more will help.

I have boxes and boxes of fabric that I've acquired for free from my mother-in-law or very cheap from thrift stores. I'm going to try to sew more, and not worry about whether Tiger Lily needs another dress or whether I need another apron. I have all the materials I need at my fingertips. Why not go ahead and practice while my kids are still young and will wear anything I sew just because I sewed it? And if Tiger Lily ends up with fifteen dresses, well, okay.

Now if only the housework would magically get done while I'm busy sewing! Why does life have to be all about balance?


  1. I so agree with your idea.. If only we had more"time" to sew? A little house cleaning fairy would be so nice.ha
    And I also agree that sewing for the kids while they are little is so fun. And it is no time, until they out grow those cute little dresses and gowns and pj's.. And you have the fabrics there.. No extra expense ..And the more you sew, the better you get.
    Now...don't I have an answer for any excuse.ha
    Enjoy your sewing..And look forward to seeing what you make..
    I am now working on skirts and embellishing tshirts for my 3 younger grandaughters.. Having fun...

  2. Have you thought about making things to sell? It's fun!!!!

    1. I never thought about selling, but I do think I will start giving away more things! I have never felt before that my projects turned out well enough to give away or sell, but they are turning out much nicer with my new machine.