51 jars

Yesterday I canned 51 jars of cherry jelly, half-pints and quarter-pints. The jars had been sitting out on the counter for about a month, and it's such a relief to have my counter back.

I used cherry juice concentrate I bought from Leelanau Fruit a few years ago. The stuff will keep in the freezer practically forever! To get the four cups of juice the recipe called for, I used 1/2 cup concentrate and 3 1/2 cups water.

I would have canned more if I hadn't run out of pectin. Perhaps I'll do another round in January, as I still have cherry juice concentrate left to use up.


  1. They look yummy! Are you going to give some as gifts? I love giving homemade goodies.


  2. Those really would make great gifts.

  3. Erica and Danielle: I was planning on giving the quarter-pints as gifts! But the jelly didn't gel and it's more of a syrup. I can't decide whether to still give them away or not.

  4. Dianna, these are beautiful.. Crystal clear..
    I think you should still give them as gifts.. The syrup on pancakes would be soooo yummy.. ON your gift card , call it cherry syrup instead of jelly..Just perfect!!!

  5. They look yummy. I'd never thought of using juice concentrate to make jelly, but it's sure a whole lot easier than using a jelly bag.

    That was a big project, though! I'm sure it makes your kitchen feel much better to have them out of the way.

    I read some of your other recent posts and those little pj's stole my heart. I recall sewing pj's for my little son who's now 6'4". Enjoy the little kid days.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. I must give this a try...I love giving jam and jelly as gifts.