I often stop by the thrift store after I have an appointment with the endocrinologist, since it's near the doctor's office.

Last time we went, Tiger Lily and I found lots of treasures.

Teacups for making candles in, and a pudding mold! I've been wanting one, so that was a fun find.
A three little pigs melamine bowl for Tiger Lily, who is obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf

The brown paper that the dishes were wrapped in—I'm saving it for Christmas wrapping!

Candles for just under 25¢ each. Going in my storage in case of emergency, and also to be used on the dinner table.

Books: Incredible Cross-Sections for a Christmas gift for Red Chief; The Story of Miss Moppet for Tiger Lily; an old book from the 1950s on arthritis; and a really neat old pop-up book (I like to collect pop-up books and save them for the kids to look at when they're feeling sick).

Stationery: Some cute old cards similar to some I remember my grandma sending. I wish I knew the decade, but they have no date. If you have an idea, please let me know. Also, a collection of LDS temple postcards that I think the kids will enjoy looking at in church.

A sheet. I keep saying I'll stop buying them, but then I find such nice ones that would make cute clothes for Tiger Lily. I like working with sheets much better than new fabric because they wrinkle up less and never shrink.

A few things for the kids: two puzzles to do together on Sundays; an ABC card game to help Tiger Lily learn her alphabet; some crepe paper, and a box of crayons.

What do you think: trash or treasure? Sometimes I can't decide. I try to keep my purchases practical, but it's so easy to let a few frivolous things slip in, and it's not as if we actually need any of this stuff.

Have you thrifted anything good lately?


  1. Good Morning from Maine!

    Just love all your "finds"...especially the candles! I make my own firestarters out of old candles...so I'm always looking for an inexpensive (or free) supply! We stopped at our thrift shop yesterday and I was able to find some lovely bowls with a pretty flower print (for cereal and such) and 2 chairs that needed to be caned for 99 cents (my dad's latest hobby!). Aren't thrift stores just the best!

    Have a blessed day,

  2. My favorite thrift store find was in Logan, UT. I found this humongous pot that had a spout coming out the side near the bottom. You could heat up a huge batch of hot chocolate or cider or something and serve it out the spout, or just close the spout and you have a huge stock pot for cooking or canning. It had no lid so I just use a cheap pizza pan for the lid. I love thrift store finds!

  3. We have the same Cross Sections book and Big Bad Wolf bowl. I think you found some great stuff. I'd love to have found candles at that price too; I need some in my storage as well.

  4. Great ,great thrift store finds. I love thrifting and am soooo happy when I get home with my great bargains.. And "most of the time" it is stuff, I really don't need.. But makes me happy.
    I went yesterday, and I found a really pretty pink/white check sheet,that will be great for grandkids a dress. I got a purse, and I found a cute tiny cup and saucer..
    Have a great day.

  5. I went this morning and got Annalise a "Pound Puppy". Remember those from the 80's?

  6. Is there any identifying information on the bottom of the bowl? I am looking for a certain 3 pigs bowl but not sure what the design looks like. It would be helpful if I had a picture of the design when I am out looking.

    1. I'm sorry, I don't have the bowl anymore. Good luck!