Recently tried recipes

Vegetarian chili—My husband and I liked this. Red Chief threw a fit over it because it has black beans in it. I made this in the slow cooker, and made several changes. I used all black beans, instead of a variety. I used a drained can of corn instead of the frozen corn. I used 1/2 cup water instead of the vegetable broth. I used double cumin and no coriander. I used no cayenne pepper, and I think I forgot the soy sauce. I cooked it all day on low and it turned out great!

Pumpkin doughnuts—These were pretty good, although too sweet for me. I might try halving the sugar next time. For the cinnamon sugar, I used a ratio of 4 parts sugar to 1 part cinnamon, but it was too cinnamony for me. I would use less if I made it again.

Corn and cheese chowder—We really liked this! As usual, I changed it up a lot. I left out the bacon; used 2 cans of corn instead of the fresh; and used a can of evaporated milk instead of the half and half. I made this early (omitting the simmering time), and then let it cook in my slow cooker two days later. I'm definitely making this again.

Tuna cakes—The kids and I liked these; Mr. Mordecai not so much (but that's not surprising, because he doesn't like fish). I used two cans of plain tuna plus a little garlic, since I didn't have any flavored tuna. I didn't have any Old Bay either, but these still turned out great. I served them with homemade tartar sauce (mayo plus a little pickle relish and a few drops of lemon juice).

Walnut muffins—These are great! I used all white whole wheat flour. We'll definitely have them again.


  1. Got any good playdough recipes?

    1. Yes, here is a recipe I like:

      And here are some ideas for making it fun:

      I was just thinking I should make play dough again; it's been so long since we had some.

  2. I just made Vegetarian Pot Pies with a biscuit top instead of pie crust, and they were very tasty. Thanks for more vegetarian ideas that I can try. DB