Raggedy Ann

A few weeks ago at the library, a book caught three-year-old Tiger Lily's attention. I was surprised, because (1) the book was in the chapter book section, and (2) the book was not pink. The book was Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies.

She took it home, and I read it to her in several sessions. Although it left somewhat to be desired in the plot department (in my opinion), she sat entranced through the whole thing, and I must admit that I was charmed by it despite its deficiencies.

Luckily for Tiger Lily, her great-grandmother left her a strong heritage of dolls, including Raggedy Ann. From her, we have these dolls (which are quite large). We also have a smaller Raggedy Ann doll that is Tiger Lily's particular companion.

We also have Tiger Lily's great-grandmother's Raggedy Ann books of our very own: Raggedy Ann Stories and a treasury of abridged Raggedy Ann and Andy stories.

We are reading the abridged stories currently, and we will move on to the older book later if I work up the courage to let Tiger Lily use it. It's been at least a year since she's done anything shocking to a book, so perhaps I will.

Raggedy Ann and Andy were created by Johnny Gruelle, an American author and illustrator (source).

A few of Johnny Gruelle's works are in the public domain. You can read them online or download them to an e-reader.


  1. I love Raggedy Ann and Andy! I had life size handmade dolls when I was a kid. They were taller than me at the time I was 8 or 9 my dad bought them for me in the French Quarter in New Orleans. They were such fun when I was young. It is so much fun to share oldies with our kids like Winnie the Pooh and Babar.


  2. Oh, I love Raggedy Ann and Andy.. I can see why she chose the book [even if it weren't pink,ha].. So much fun.
    What a sweet mama to read it to her.. and know she will enjoy her grandma's book too.. And one day , when she gets older, she will really treasure it. Knowing her mom and grandma took such good care of it.
    Love the dolls too.

  3. I love Raggedy Ann! My grandmother made dozens and dozens of Raggedy Ann's and Andy's (in three sizes) when I was a girl. There were the 12-14" ones, the "regular" sized dolls and the super large. I wanted a "regular" one of my very own and asked for her for Christmas. I'll never forget that Christmas day, when only one present remained and I still had no Raggedy Ann. It was a small box, the size of a shoebox. I opened it up to find Raggedy folded over with her face to her knees and her arms wrapped behind her legs. I was so surprised! And my grandmother had the most tickled "gotcha" look on her face. After both she and my mother had passed away, I found treasure in a box of their sewing... Dolls and clothes cut out and the faces already stitched on by my grandmother. I have not yet assembled the pair but it will be a bittersweet day in the sewing room when I do! I still have the Raggedy Ann she made for me. She's probably close to 40 years old now. :)