Name change

After nearly five years of being Mrs. Mordecai, I've decided just to go by my first name on my blog. I am a little bit paranoid about creepy stalker people, but I'm tired of being called a name that's not mine. So: Hi, I'm Dianna!

I will keep my old blog email address: mrs(dot)mordecai(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. Hi Dianna... I so understand..I too fear the creepy stalker type people..
    Loving your new blog look..

  2. That's nice, especially because my first instinct is to call you Dianna, and I just knew one of these times I was going to slip up in the comments and call you that... :D

  3. I've known your name for a while, but I still think that if I ever met you in person, I'd habitually call you Mrs. Mordecai.

  4. Hi, Dianna. Both feelings are quite understandable. I work in computer security, so I'm awfully sensitive to protecting my family from cyber stalking and ID theft, but at the same time, I've eventually taken to using my first name inside my blog every so often, which seems ok.

  5. Yep, my husband is very concerned about this, so we all go by pseudonyms. I don't like it much at all,and it's awkward in so many ways, but I understand why it is important to him.

  6. You seem more human now.

    I just finished Harriet the Spy. Nothing was happening there for a while. I felt boredom creeping in. And after things picked up I got nervous because I'd loved Harriet's trash talking--by putting Harriet in her place the author was going to show me up for being a fool. But then, whew! Ole Golly's letter--fabulous. And a wised-up Harriet still scrappy as a rat--oh joy! What a peach of a book.

    (Thank you.)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!