Funnies from Red Chief and Tiger Lily

I'm pulling these off Facebook to make sure I don't lose them. Some days my kids keep me in stitches!


November–December 2011 (Red Chief, age 5, and Tiger Lily, age 2)

Tiger Lily just prepared herself a snack: cheese crackers and chocolate chips drizzled with olive oil. Anyone hungry?

Tiger Lily: "Look, there's buttons in the car. Hi buttons! Mom, the buttons aren't talking to me."

Me: "We don't bite in this house."
Tiger Lily: "Oh. Me bite in the store."

Tiger Lily: "When I older, and I a boy, I go to kindergarten. When I go to school, I not miss you."

What do you do with salt? If you're Tiger Lily, you very quietly sprinkle it on the cat. Until it's all gone.

Me: "Red Chief, get your coat and backpack."
Red Chief: "Okay, Mom. I always follow your commands."

Tiger Lily: "Mommy, can you make normal porridge for breakfast?"
Me: "What kind of porridge is normal porridge?"
Tiger Lily: "The kind with no poison or cheese."

Red Chief: "The bigger my ears get, the better I can hear!"

Tiger Lily, in distress: "Mom, Mom, my pink shoes are missing!"
Me: "That's okay, why don't you wear your Elmo shoes?"
Tiger Lily: "But my dress is pink!"

Tiger Lily, crayon in hand: "Let's go get the cat, Red Chief. You can hold her and I will color her eyes."

Red Chief: "Mom, is Costco a city or a state?"

Red Chief–spelling: grbj can


  1. I love the spelling and the poison porridge comment. Ha!

  2. Adorable.. Such a great idea to save these comments on your blog. The kids will LOVE to read them, when they get older.
    Thanks for sharing.. I really had to laugh at Tiger Lilly's comments about when she got older and went to kindergarden..ha

  3. Annalise asked me to get her some more games. "And make sure they don't always say A is for Apple, because I already know that."

  4. Oh they do keep you busy, and in stitches! Kaia always talked about when she was a boy also.