Fresh tomatoes

We're still enjoying fresh tomatoes from our garden, even though it froze several weeks ago. I've been keeping our green tomatoes in boxes in the garage and bringing them inside to use as they start to ripen. I'm grateful we've found a way to enjoy our harvest even though most of it didn't ripen in time. I will be sad when we have to go back to storebought tomatoes!


  1. How yummmy that you still have fresh tomatoes.. We eat Fried green tomatoes, does your family?

    1. I tried making them for the first time this year. They were pretty good! Do you serve them plain or do you have them with some sort of sauce or dip?

  2. I love fresh tomatoes too! I eat them as often as I can. Thanks for visiting my website and for your comment on my Chili Roasted Sweet Potatoes! :)

  3. We do the same thing with our tomatoes. Last year we were still eating garden tomatoes into the new year. This year we didn't get so many, but they're still going strong! They taste so much better than storebought. It will be a tragedy when we have to go back.