A brush by the kitchen sink

Image courtesy of magazineart.org

I like to keep a brush by my kitchen sink for cleaning out things with mesh or little holes, like the strainer, the dishwasher filter, the garlic press, or the food mill. I really don't know how I'd get them clean otherwise.

I have a bottle brush, but the brush I end up using most is an old, sanitized toothbrush. It works so well.

Do you clean with a toothbrush?


  1. Good Morning!

    Oh, yes! I find that an old toothbrush is a very handy tool indeed! One of the best ways that I use it is to clean jewelry. I put a bit of toothpaste on it...and polish my engagement and wedding rings right on my finger. Works wonders!

    Sweet blessings,

  2. Diana,
    My most used brush is an old toothbrush..It is so useful for so many projects. It is perfect for cleaning the routed out lines on my kitchen cabinets.. When I fix up my hot soapy water to clean cabinets, I get my tooth brush..It is perfect for the hinges and the cutout design..
    Plus, countless other things..
    Thanks for sharing.