Recently tried recipes

Red lentil soup: We loved this, and I'm looking forward to making it again soon. It's cheap, easy, and fast (for a soup, anyway). Warning: the picture on the site is not a picture of the actual soup.

Black bean burgers: I have tried quite a few veggie burger recipes, and this was the first one that even worked. I will definitely be making it again, as we have tons of black beans to use up, and it's much cheaper than buying veggie burgers. Also, black bean–hating Red Chief did not even notice that these were made from black beans, even when I asked him to guess the ingredients. Crazy.

Apple brownies: Simple and good. We liked them.

Fried breakfast potatoes with poached egg: We liked this, although Mr. Mordecai wished it was spicier.

Texas Roadhouse rolls copycat recipe: This is the first roll recipe I've ever made 100% successfully. Hooray! They were excellent, and I'll definitely make them again.

Pumpkin bread: I made this sans chocolate chips, and reduced the sugar to two cups. Yum.

Instant mug of mac & cheese in the microwave: It worked okay. I made two mugs, and by the time I finished both of them, I might as well have just made it on the stove. It took much longer than the recipe said, and I had to add more water. Also, the first cup was quite soupy. I reduced the milk to 1 tablespoon in the second batch, and it was better. My verdict: not worth it unless your stove is broken.

Juice gelatin: This is a great idea, and my kids loved it. I added only 3 packets of unflavored gelatin because I didn't want "jigglers." It was still incredibly stiff, so next time I'll try 2 packets—and that might still be too much. I used a quart of my mom's home-canned grape juice for this. The flavor is so strong, this is a good way to use it.


  1. The apple brownies and black bean burgers sound yummy. I wonder if I can change the brownies to gluten-free they looked yummy in the pictures when I looked at the recipe hmmmm


  2. Funny how things that are supposed to be easy end up being just as much work. I recently "fried" potatoes by using 1 tsp of oil and a nonstick pan. I just sliced them super thin and the cooked my egg in that pan too. It was cheap, healthy and delicious!

  3. The soup and burgers sound interesting, though I don't know if I dare try and end up with a whole meal nobody will eat. Sigh. They sound good to me!

  4. I am making olive bread this morning. My usual bread recipe with black olives thrown in the flour. :) Smells great.