Making wrapping paper

Every time I go the grocery store, I let Tiger Lily fill up two or three paper bags with light, unbreakable items such as pasta and tissues. It keeps her busy while I'm bagging the rest of the groceries, and the paper bags stand up very nicely and are easy for her to fill.

I pulled out my collection of paper bags one morning when the kids somehow got ready for school 45 minutes early. How in the world did that happen?

Anyway, I cut the bottoms off the bags and spread them out, logo side down. We pulled out the dot paints (bingo markers from the dollar store), and the kids got busy. We will have some fun (and free!) wrapping paper this Christmas.


  1. It looks like they are having so much fun!

  2. Looks like fun even for adults. :0)

  3. What fun.... And I love the new wrapping paper... Great idea...

  4. Ooooh! Dot paints! What a grand idea. They look like they had fun. Now you've got me thinking. I might do that and it can also be my packaging paper for sending Christmas gifts by post... A nice personal touch.