The clipboard makes it official, right?

I decided that I'd better get back to working on my food storage plan. The plan goes something like this: I write up food storage–friendly menus for each meal (and snacks), then chart the ingredients and amounts I need, then acquire the ingredients for three months' worth of meals. Once that goal is met, I can expand to six months and then to a year. Then I will work on acquiring items packaged for long-term storage. I guess our 72-hour kits should be in there somewhere, too.

I fizzled out somewhere around lunch, and I really need to get back with the plan. I'm better at using food storage than I am at keeping it in stock.

I attended an inspiring food storage class last week at church, and it gave me the inspiration I needed to get going again. I also bought 36 pounds of pears and a canner last week (in that order). Gulp.

So my goal for now is to make sure I have three months' worth of ingredients for breakfast and lunch, and to create my dinner and snack plans. Also to can those pears.

My silly helper


  1. I've got some pears to can too, provided they ever get ripe! I'm so not on top of things when it comes to organizing and keeping track of my food storage. I usually go, "Eek! We're out of farina!" Then I go buy a 50# bag so I won't run out for 2 years! ( : Good luck!

  2. Adorable blog! New Follower, you had me at the name... just finished reading Ester.
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