In the kitchen: things I usually don't wash

  • Pot lids that don't get splattered with food
  • The tea kettle that I boil water in
  • The water pitcher for dinner (unless someone does something gross to it)
  • A measuring cup that held water, rice, or anything else non-smelly that leaves it visibly clean
  • The glass bowl that I use to weigh pasta and measure wheat
  • My spice containers, between refills with the same spice
  • My bread pans, after baking yeast bread (unless the bread sticks, I just wipe them out, since they tend to rust when washed)
What do you think: practical or lazy? Is there anything you don't wash?


  1. Well I wash whatever I can, because the dishwasher sometimes doesn't feel full enough. If I don't fill it up, I feel like I am wasting the power and the detergent

  2. Good question.. I don't think its lazy at all. Just saving precious time for something that needs it..
    Things I don't wash every day:
    1- coffee pot [hubby drinks instant coffe, so only wanter boils in it]
    2- measuring cup when I only put water in
    3-Spice containers

  3. It's totally practical! I wouldn't wash any of those things either! Especially my super nice, very expensive bread pans which would rust in the corners if washed. I maybe wipe them out with a damp rag, but they've never been washed.

    My weird washing thing is that I now wash most of our dishes by hand and put them in the dishwasher to dry! Sounds crazy, I know. Our dishwasher doesn't get things very clean and there are pots that can't go in or little things that never get cleaned right, so might as well wash everything most of the time by hand. But, the dishwasher is a perfect place to dry thing. I almost NEVER dry dishes because it's the only chore that does itself!

  4. I always want to skip washing the strainer that has had pasta in it. Then I feel how slimy it feels and realize I need to wash it.