Food from books: Spiced pears

"She lifted the cover and perfumes from the land of spices rolled up. In one end of the basket lay ten enormous sugar cakes the tops of which had been liberally dotted with circles cut from stick candy. The candy had melted in baking and made small transparent wells of waxy sweetness and in the center of each cake was a fat turtle made from a raisin with cloves for head and feet. The remainder of the basket was filled with big spiced pears that could be held by their stems while they were eaten. The girls shrieked and attacked the cookies, and of all the treats Elnora offered perhaps none was quite so long remembered as that."

A Girl of the Limberlost, Gene Stratton-Porter

Taking inspiration from my Food from Books Pinterest board, I made some spiced pears this week, using leftover syrup and pears from my canning session, and this recipe as inspiration. I didn't have the exact spices called for, but I used a cinnamon stick, some whole cloves, some vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

I have loved A Girl of the Limberlost ever since I received a copy of it for my twelfth birthday. I'm currently listening to the free audio version from LibriVox.


  1. One of my very favorite books! The descriptions of her lunches always made me drool.

  2. You have made me wish for more pears..ha I made pear perserves a few weeks ago, from pears that a friend gave my husband.NOw.. all these good recipes, makes me wish for more.. I will definitely try them next year.. thankyou for sharing.

  3. Aaaaah, Girl of the Limberlost. So many good memories! The description of her lunch pail and the food in it stands out even after like 20 years.