Cleaning with rubbing alcohol

Yesterday I cleaned hairspray off the computer with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). Here are some other things I have used it for.
  • Rubbing alcohol will clean hairspray off surfaces.
  • Rubbing alcohol makes a great window/glass cleaner, either straight up or in this recipe
  • Rubbing alcohol will take ink and permanent marker off of surfaces (use plenty of elbow grease!) and out of cloth (saturate before laundering). I have used rubbing alcohol to take ink from a leaky pen off the outside of our car (thank you, Red Chief). It took a lot of work on my part, but it did eventually come clean.
  • Rubbing alcohol will often take mystery marks off the wall—but watch out, it removes paint too, or can take off the gloss. Don't rub too hard.
  • Rubbing alcohol will take many kinds of paint off (like the streaks that get on the side of the vacuum, or the splatter from your last project).
  • Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning electronics because it evaporates quickly. You can use it on a q-tip to get into crevices. 
  • Rubbing alcohol kills germs (source), and is useful in both cleaning and first aid.

Do you use rubbing alcohol for cleaning?


  1. Thank you for this! I enjoyed learning more about rubbing alcohol! Have a lovely day!

  2. Thankyou for sharing.. I agree alcohol is a wonderful cleaner and disinfectant..Use it all the time.
    I have to tell you this funny..... While working at the hospital as a Respiratory Therepist, one of the girls I worked with had an ink pen poked behind her ear.. We were in our office,and I looked up and noticed that one side of her hair was blue, I mean the ink had leaked out and saturated her hair .She was blonde , so it really showed.. Well, she was dying as us other 2 girls were rolling on the floor laughing. She begged, help me.. before someone comes in here.. So, we had a sink in our office , and she stuck her head under the faucet and we added dish washing liquid, and the suds were blue and the more we washed the bluer her hair got. Eventually ,some one said, add some alcohol to her hair.. We did.. [of course the fumes nearly knocked us all out.. combining the 2 together.ha..] But.........Becky finally had blonde hair again, and even though she had no blow dryer, she made it through the day..We had many a laugh at this day.. Such a shame, it was in the day before phones with cameras had come out.. Can you imagine how mean us girls would have been..I am sure that picture would have been posted on someones blog.lol

  3. I recently used rubbing alcohol to get a mysterious big black stain out of a hand-me-down shirt I really liked. Worked great!

  4. Great ideas. I know alcohol gets the sticky out of stickers, tape, etc. When I worked at a drug store we used it to change out the stickers on shelving etc worked great.