Canned pears

I used to help my mom can when I was growing up. Once when I was grown and living at home, I canned cherry jelly by myself, when the cherries were ripe and my parents were out of town.

But this was my first foray into canning all by myself, at my own home. Last week I bought pears and a canner (in that order). I had to make sure I had all the special equipment I needed, like a jar lifter and a magnetic lid lifter. I had to decide whether and how to can on my glass-top stove (more on that later). I had to call my mom twice, just to make sure I had everything I needed and knew what to do.

It all came together, and I have 18 quarts of pears waiting for us to devour this winter. Even though I haven't done much canning all by myself, I am grateful that my mom enlisted us to help her—you learn a lot by helping and observing.

Next up: cherry jelly, to use the cherry juice that's in my freezer. But first, I think I'll mop the floor. And buy more sugar.


  1. Your pears look great.. And I can just imagine how yummy they will taste this winter..
    I made pear perserves a few weeks ago.. And hubby has already opened a jar .ha

  2. They look good! I have recently tried canning with an extremely light syrup and I love it. The fruit tastes more like fresh fruit. I think I halved the amount of sugar in what was considered a "light" syrup. My peaches tasted amazing and I didn't miss the extra sugar at all. Just FYI.

    1. That is good to know! My book called for light or medium syrup, so I chose light. Maybe next time I'll go even lighter—I'm not a huge fan or extra sugar.

  3. Your canning looks wonderful but I must warn you now that you have stepped over the line it will become addictive. Next you will be hunting up a pressure canner to can low acid foods I am on my 3rd I keep getting bigger ones. I love to can we did dried beans yesterday.


  4. We actually don't can our pears with sugar at all. I find that ripe pears are sweet enough for me without extra sugar. Besides you could always add a little sugar later if you feel it needs a little extra sweetness. Great job canning all those pears.

  5. That was a monumental amount of work--the peeling. I believe I've just met a very determined woman.