What I'm doing—and should be doing

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  • Catching up on laundry from a long weekend out of town
  • See above: unpacking
  • See above: baking
  • See above: grocery shopping
  • See above: sleep
  • Still trying to adjust to our new schedule—the change to first grade has been harder for me than kindergarten was. Red Chief is gone for so long!
  • Clothes shopping for myself (which pretty much equals torture)
  • Tiger Lily started preschool this week (which is why I had a couple of hours to torture myself)
  • Working on family history during Tiger Lily's nap
  • See above: sewing
  • See above: reading
  • See above: organizing
  • See above: catching up on email
  • See above: making a new website for my orchestra
  • Planning to teach preschool every third week. Letters coming up: C and F.
  • Trying to keep Red Chief in line. He has been so difficult lately! But I know that at heart he's really a good kid. Last night he left a note on my pillow that said "Ihm so so sory mom." 
  • Homework with Red Chief—which I actually enjoy when he's not being silly. Yesterday we worked on his spelling words. The words are all easy for him, so we worked on his handwriting, so that when he takes his spelling test, his teacher will be able to tell that he knows how to spell them.
  • Packing lunches and making after-school snacks


  1. Ooh, clothes shopping for self. Blech! Yay for helping your orchestra out! My orchestra is pretty fun and I get to be in the pit for Beauty and the Beast that my community is putting on!

  2. Sounds like you have a really full week .. Sending prayers.
    School is so difficult and busy. I know my daugher teaches school, and has 2 girls and trying to keep it all going is so hard.. My heart goes out to each mom and child..
    Have a great day and thankyou for your prayers.