Tomato sandwich for lunch

Tomato sandwich on homemade whole-grain artisan bread. An excellent lunch for me, along with a bowl of leftover homemade chicken soup.

Tiger Lily had, at her request: yogurt, cheese, goldfish crackers, a banana, and lemonade. And then marshmallows for dessert. She reeled off her list of demands to me so quickly it almost seemed she had been planning it out all morning.


  1. I love tomato sandwiches with dijon mustard or brown mustard a very yummy summer sandwich.


  2. I just LOVE sandwiches with soup! The combo. is so nice together! Your sandwich looks delicious! Have a lovely day!

  3. I love tomatoe sandwhiches. My favortie sandwhich during the garden season.. My daughter in law got a recipe for tomatoe pie, [from someone in her church]..It was wonderful, kinda like a cheese pizza.. yummy.