Tiger Lily starts preschool

Tiger Lily started preschool last week. I wasn't planning on sending her this year, but the opportunity came up, and I thought about it and decided that she would love it and that it would be worth it. It's a very small co-op group, so I'll be teaching every third week.

She loved her first day!

The only downside so far: we had always told her that she could go to school when she was five. When I told her she'd be attending preschool, she asked me if she was five now. Um, no. So we're working on getting her age straight. You're three, Tiger Lily. And please feel free to stop growing for a few years and just stay three.


  1. Congradulations Tiger Lily.. So proud your first day was a good one..
    She looks adorable..

  2. I can't believe she's three. Ps. I got the job across the street.