The story of why I didn't have to buy new plastic containers

My plastic food storage containers were running low. We received a huge set as a gift when we were married, but several had cracked, and we were nearly out of our favorite sizes. I put buying a new set of containers on my mental list of things to do, but I kept putting it off, and I'm glad I did.

Meanwhile, I started using some of the cottage cheese and sour cream containers to hold leftovers. This is good and thrifty, but bad because your leftover rice looks like another container of sour cream.

I found a few containers languishing in the fridge with stuff in them that had been there for months (frosting, fermented apple juice for the wasp trap). I threw out their contents and reclaimed the containers. I also found containers in the freezer. I used up their contents and reclaimed those containers as well.

When I was organizing the school and office supplies, I found several more of my plastic containers that I had used a few years ago to hold rubber bands, paperclips, and such.

When I was cleaning some drawers, I found several large containers I had used for organization. I never used the things in the containers, so I reclaimed the containers for the kitchen.

And now I have plenty of plastic containers, and I didn't even have to buy one.

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  1. I do the same thing, I save all my butter/margarine bowls, cool whip, sour cream, anything that comes in a plastic container with a lid..I agree, the only problem with using these containers is........not realizing it is leftovers.ha..
    But now,I "try" and put all leftovers that are in these containers on a certain shelf of the refrigerator..That way, I know its leftovers not the original item..
    I love when I can recycle what I have ,instead of purchasing new..