Ten more meatless meals we love

Because it's hard to pick just ten favorites.
  1. Baked potatoes with (choose some) butter, sour cream, salt and pepper, meatless chili, cheese sauce
  2. Chef salad
  3. Green bean and lentil soup
  4. Black beans and rice
  5. Egg salad sandwiches
  6. Lemon-scented quinoa salad
  7. Yellow split pea and green tomato stew
  8. Tasty lentil tacos
  9. Chinese cabbage salad (use this recipe but leave out the chicken and serve with a protein side dish)
  10. Creamy garlic pasta

1 comment:

  1. I dunno, that creamy garlic pasta has CHICKEN broth in it. ( : Just kiddin'! Those look good, I need to try some of them on my kids. I'd probably enjoy any of them.