Red Chief-isms and Tiger Lily-isms

It's been awhile since I've blogged the funny things Red Chief and Tiger Lily say and do. I usually post them as they happen on Facebook. These are from September and October 2011. Red Chief was five and Tiger Lily was two.

Red Chief just gave me a musical performance involving a calculator, a coloring book, and the piano. I love him.

Red Chief, drinking his milk: "This tastes like decaying fish. This tastes like Tiger Lily's spit!"

Red Chief: "I have very great earsight. I hear very far away."

Red Chief: "Did you know that when Adam and Eve were alive, Heavenly Father took a nap on Sunday?"

Tiger Lily was making small intestines out of playdough today. I asked her how she knew about small intestines, and she said, "I saw The Magic School Bus!" Of course.

Red Chief-ism: Sweatpants are called "hot trousers."

Red Chief just wrote six letters to his relatives saying various things like "BOX TOPS 4 MI SKOL TODA."

Guess that Red Chief-spelling: Ostraliu

Red Chief-ism: dentist = "fluoride doctor."

Guess that Red Chief-spelling: srkis

Tiger Lily: "Mom, did you sew this?"
Me: "Did I sew what?"
Tiger Lily: "This car."
Me: "No, I didn't sew the car."
Tiger Lily: "Oh, you buy it?"

Red Chief: "This is a legend: The water came up from a glue stick from heaven."

Tiger Lily has started calling people who look Asian "Chinese food." Oh dear.


  1. Love it! I need to do a better job of jotting down the funny things my kids say. I can guess on the spelling- Australia and circus. ( :

  2. All of my Annaliseisms go on facebook. I get a ton of likes all the time. I guess I should post them on my blog.