Food from books

Because I don't already waste enough time, I started a new board on Pinterest recently for food from books. I don't know why, but I get a little thrill when I make a recipe from a book I love. Even eating something as simple as bread and milk and blackberries is so much more exciting when you know that Peter Rabbit ate that, too.

Is there a food description in a book you've read that you've always wanted to try? I can think of several, but probably my top two are Susan Baker's monkey-face cookies from Anne of Ingleside and Anne Shirley's pink-frosted nut cake from Anne of Avonlea. 

Here's hoping I'll get to try them soon.


  1. Cute idea! I will read something and think that sounds so good but haven't thought of making it. Well except Little House on the Praire, they have a cookbook just for those books I have tried those.


  2. I love your food from books board! I want to try it all, but I've always been curious about Turkish Delight. I hear it's a pain to make, but I'm going to try. Plus I need to read that book to my kids again because I don't think they remember it - it's been a while!

    1. We got our mom to make it for us when I was a kid. I don't remember it tasting very good, but it's definitely worth trying. I wonder how I would like it now?

  3. Betsy's frozen syrup from Understood Betsy.

  4. Pumpkin Juice from Harry Potter. I am not sure why I find it so intriguing, but I always wonder...is it served cold and frosty like OJ, or warm and spiced like apple cider? Also, the scalding onion soup Harry eats at the Weasley's house has always sounded good to me for some reason.

    My mouth always waters when I read My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. Her descriptions of living off of the land and making do with what is there catch at my imagination every time. Acorn-flour pancakes. Turtle Soup. Hickory Salt. Smoked fish and venison. Jack-in-the-pulpit and cattail roots. Wild potatoes and onions. Fresh picked berries and greens. It makes me want to run for the woods and give it a go!

    Can't wait to run through your board and see what you've pinned.

  5. I've always wanted to make little syrup squiggles in a pan of snow like they did in Little House in the Big Woods.

  6. You might also like Feasting on Art (http://www.feastingonart.com/) which features recipes based on foods depicted in paintings.

  7. I am the same way! I think we just love books too much!!! :) Any fun thing attached to a book gets me excited. Ah… the cheap thrills in life are free :)

  8. food from book?

    that is all kinds
    of brilliant

    stopping by
    from the homemaking linky
    and now following

    i'll be stopping by
    your new Pin board for sure!


  9. How cute! I'm following this board on Pinterest now. You can buy Turkish Delight in many middle Eastern groceries. They call it Lokum and it is really good. Basically a gummy type treat covered in powdered sugar.