Fall flower garden

My flower-and-herb garden this fall. The black-eyed Susans and sweet alyssum just keep reseeding themselves and coming back each year.


  1. I love black-eyed susans. Do yours spread all over the yard? I have a friend who planted just a packet of them a few years ago and they are all over her yard now, and she only planted them in one area.


    1. I'm lucky enough that there is a sidewalk between the flowers and my yard, so they haven't spread in the few years I've had them there. I have had dill spread across the sidewalk, though. I must have accidentally shaken some seeds on the other side when I pulled it out earlier this year.

  2. Last fall, I went to my parents' house to cut up all the dead stuff from my garden. Behind their fence, there is a long row of nothing. I threw some dead sunflowers behind the fence, and this whole summer, there were sunflowers all along that long row of nothing- I would say for about a half a mile. It was really cool.

  3. Black-eyed Susans are so cheerful. You can feel better just looking at them.

  4. What a beautiful flower garden..

  5. How beautiful. Don't you love a plant that do does its own thing? I have a spot in my mom's yard we are going to try some reseeding wildflowers.