Chef salad

Sometimes I forget I can make chef salad because it's not in my recipe book (because who needs a recipe?). But it's fast, easy, and healthy, so I'm glad Mr. Mordecai reminded me to make it this week. And it looks so nice on my small Blue Willow platters.

We also had baked potatoes this week, another favorite that I rarely remember to make because I don't have a recipe written down.

This week Mr. Mordecai and I planned the menu in the car on the way home from visiting our parents. I guess I should do it that way more often—he always suggests the best and simplest and healthiest things.

What are your favorite no-brainer meals?

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  1. Yum! On those days we need something quick, we will do a salad too - or spaghetti (the kids love that!) and lots of variations of macaroni and cheese - adding what we have on hand. Have a blessed weekend ~