Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are eating up the most productive part of our day! Here's how our schedule is looking:

8:30am: Housework, clean bedrooms, etc. As much as I can fit in!
9:30am: Sunscreen party! Put on a movie, do Tiger Lily's hair, get the kids into swimsuits, and get the kids and myself sunscreened. I leave plenty of time for this so it doesn't have to turn into a battle. Oh, and I am very, very grateful for spray sunscreen. We don't use it on faces, but I love that you can do the rest of a kid in about 30 seconds (once you can get them to stop squirming). We go outside to do the spray sunscreen.
10:00am: First lunch. To prevent meltdown later due to late lunch.
10:30am: Go potty, put on cover-ups, and leave for swimming lessons.
11:00am: Swimming lessons. Thirty minutes of water for the kids and reading bliss for me.
11:30am: Lessons over. Dry off shivering children, put cover-ups and sandals back on, and march back to the car. Have post-swimming lesson juice box.
11:50am: Get home. Throw everything in the washing machine. Showers/baths.
12:15pm: Second lunch.

Three days down, seven more to go.


  1. Sounds hectic! I hope somewhere in there is "2:00pm: mom relaxes during nap time" :)

    1. What do you know? It's naptime, and now I can relax. Yay. :)

  2. I just can't make myself do it. It really does take all day! We decided to spend the money on a large above ground pool and just swim in our own backyard. It's kind of a pain to take care of at times, but we can use it for a good 6 months or more of the year here in the hot desert where I live and swim whenever we want. And luckily, my kids seem to be making lots of progress in the water just from having fun swim time without me actually trying to "teach" them anything! Yay!
    You are a trooper to make the trek to the pool.

  3. WOW..It is very time consuming.. But you will be so proud once the kids have mastered ,"learning to swim".. Makes you feel better ,when they are in water.. I took my 2 chilren and was so proud I did.
    Count down the days, it will be over before you know it. and you can get back into your routine.ha Sending prayers mom.