Image courtesy of magazineart.org
In a fit of probable insanity, I signed up the kids for another round of swimming lessons, because they liked them so much. But why not? We've already figured out the routine.

Red Chief has a healthy fear of the water, but Tiger Lily is completely unworried about it. On the first day of the second set of lessons, she surprised her teacher (and me!) by plunging her whole self well under the water, while all the others were gingerly dipping their heads in and back out as quickly as possible.


  1. Second round of swimming lessons [while your in your routine] sounds fantastic.. Also, sounds like the kids are getting the hang of swimmming and will be like little fish, in no time.. Have fun.

  2. Isn't it fun when our kids surprise us with what they can do or what they know? My oldest has surprised me by becoming quite the little fish in our pool this summer and my second was convinced to jump from the ladder into the pool, which totally surprised me. Maybe we are making progress!