Keeping on

I'm happy to report that we're getting faster at getting ready for swimming lessons. Hooray! And we've streamlined our routine for afterward, too, so now we need about 1 3/4 hours for the whole thing, from getting ready beforehand to showering afterward.

Saturday, the orchestra I'm in played at an outdoor market for four hours. It was exhausting, but fun. Mr. Mordecai brought the kids for awhile to let them listen, which was especially nice since Tiger Lily isn't old enough to sit through real concerts yet. She enjoyed dancing around and conducting from the sidelines.

Nothing homemaker-ly to report right now: I've felt a bout of summer laziness—er—simplicity—kicking in over the past week. I planned a very simple dinner menu for this week, and we've been eating a lot of cereal for breakfast. It's kind of nice! I'm sure I'll want to get back to more serious cooking eventually, since I really do enjoy cooking, but sometimes I guess I just need a break.

In more exciting news, Red Chief can read! He's been reading for over a year now, but just in the last few weeks, he's made a leap, and he's surprising me with how quick and confident he has become. He's also enjoying reading (thank you, Mo Willems!), which is a huge step toward improving his attention span.

Books Red Chief loves to read:
I am really enjoying helping Red Chief find books that are at his level and that are interesting to him. If you can think of simple books a six-year-old reader would love, I'm happy to take recommendations.


  1. My 6 year old daughter has been "reading" for a long time too, but just recently as I've been doing reading with her in our homeschool she has finally started to really pick it up and read somewhat independently. I did a post a bit back on my blog with some books we've enjoyed. I like the Dr. Seuss ones like The Foot Book and The Teeth Book. My 4 year old can even read The Foot Book, so it's definitely simple and fun.

  2. How neat that you're in an orchestra! What do you play?

  3. How fun to get to play in the orchestra.. Know you enjoyed seeing hubby and kids for awhile.. Such a great day.
    Congradulations Red Chief on your reading.. It is such fun and so enjoyable.