Jobs my six-year-old can do

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I'm making this list for my own reference, because I want to be able to look at a list when I'm racking my brains for something for my kids to do. But I'm hoping that you will tell me some of the jobs that you have your young children do, too!

Most of these jobs don't get done perfectly, but I'm trying to remember that they will need plenty of practice, and six years old is a good time for learning, not for perfection. My three-year-old can do a lot of these jobs too, by the way, some of them better than her big brother!


Laundry jobs:
Put the laundry from the washer into the dryer
Fold the kitchen linens

Cleaning jobs:
Wash walls
Wash doors, doorknobs, trim, etc.
Vacuum stairs, corners, baseboards with a small handheld vacuum
Take off the cushions and vacuum out the couches with the handheld vacuum
Pick up clutter and put it away
Empty the trash into the big garbage cans
Wipe down the play kitchen and organize the dishes in it
Wipe off windowsills
Organize books in the bookcase

Taking care of his own things:
Keep bedroom clean
Make bed (it's not perfect, but that's okay)
Put away folded laundry
Help little sister clean her room

Pick up clutter around the yard
Pull weeds
Sweep off porch/walkway/driveway
Use the hose to spray the cobwebs off the side of the house
Harvest vegetables from the garden
Sweep the garage
Feed the cat
Water plants

Bathroom jobs:
Scrub the toilet bowl with a brush (using a squirt of hand soap instead of harsh cleaners)
Fetch and install a new roll of toilet paper
Wipe down surfaces (especially ones you don't usually think of doing, like doors, cupboards, walls, light switches, etc.)

In the kitchen:
Wash vegetables
Shuck corn
Peel and cut cucumbers
Fetch things for me while I'm cooking
Put away the dishes in the dishwasher (anything he can't reach goes on the counter underneath where it belongs)
Set the table
Clear off the kitchen table and wipe it off
Wipe off the kitchen chairs/benches
Help cook dinner

At the store:
Suggest meals to put on the menu
Hold the shopping list
Put produce into bags (for example, "Can you get me five of those green apples?"
Help bag groceries
Help carry groceries into the house and put them away
Write dates on pantry/food storage items

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