How we do jobs, for now

I wanted to share our newest job system, because it is actually working for us.

I found this printable chore chart (a little cutsier than what I'd usually pick, but it works just fine). Every day (except Sunday), Red Chief gets to:
  • Make his bed
  • Clean his room
  • Do a special job in his room (like cleaning out his closet)
  • Do a special job in the house (like folding the kitchen towels)
  • Practice violin
After he finishes all the items on his chart, he is free to:
  • Do more jobs to earn money (he's been doing a lot of that lately—today he tidied up a room for me, pulled and washed the beets, and cleaned off the back porch for me, all of his own volition)
  • Have some screen time
I made him a special list of jobs to do each day that repeat each week. For example, on Tuesdays, his special room job is cleaning out his desk, and his special house job is vacuuming the stairs. This way he has variety and repetition, so he can learn to do the jobs well, but not feel like he's always doing the same thing. Also, problem areas of his room get attention regularly.

This is working so well for us right now! Before we put this system in place, he was always wanting to do jobs to earn money, but I felt guilty letting him, because kids should be helping out around the house anyway, and I felt that he would only do work when I paid him. Now he is more willing to get his regular responsibilities out of the way as prerequisites to what he sees as the real thing.

I'm sure he'll get tired of earning money some day, but for now, I'm going to enjoy my six-year-old constantly picking up the house, washing walls, and sweeping the driveway for me. I'm actually having to cut him off at four extra jobs per day, because I can't think of any more.

What do you think about kids doing chores for money? Yes? No? I'm still not completely sure about the best thing to do. And what are some jobs that you have your kids do? I sometimes have a hard time thinking up genuinely useful things that my three-year-old and six-year-old can do around the house.


  1. Mrs. Mordecai,
    I love your list. .How wonderful. I so totally agree. I feel children should have chores around the house, to learn responsibilties.. [Some people think that kids are too young.. I don't agree].
    I love the idea that Red Chief gets a chance to earn money after chores..such a good idea.
    He learns to do his everyday chores but still learns to earn money.. Good job Mom.

  2. I totally agree with what you're doing! I think kids should definitely do some things just because they are part of a family and that's how life works. Extra things they can get paid for. Yet, it is hard to find things they can really do and do well! I got up this morning and looked around and the house was in such good shape that I could barely think of anything for the kids to do!
    I don't have a specific job each kid has that they do every single day because there is nothing I need done that often. They do self-maintenance of course, but other than that I just come up with something I need done right then and that's the job. I wish it was more organized somehow, but I just can't see cleaning the bathroom every single morning when it doesn't need it. ( :
    I've got to come up with more money earning jobs like you have. Great plan.

  3. It seems to be in their nature at this age to want to do those things. <3