Having a plan

I often feel that my days aren't as productive as they could be. While I know that life with kids is unpredictable, I think that if I make more effort, I will be able to do more—because I want to use my time well.

So the day before yesterday, I outlined the way I wanted my next day to be—realistically. I listed several different items to choose from doing during different times, as well as scheduled events that had to happen.

And you know what? Even though I didn't get everything done on my outline, it just felt good to have a plan. I felt more purpose in my day, and I was able to accomplish the things I most wanted to get done.

I think I will do this again.


  1. I hear ya! If I take a few minutes to outline a general plan I don't wander around wondering what I should be doing so much.

  2. Sounds like a great approach to scheduling! My problem is that "read blogs and check FB for the tenth time in an hour" isn't ever actually on my to do list, yet, that's what I find myself doing all too often. :D