Filled chocolate cookies

I never bake in ones anymore. I bake in twos or threes. Yesterday I baked these cookies up while I was in the kitchen making rolls. It makes sense to me to make something else while I am waiting for yeast doughs to rise, and having the oven on warms up the kitchen and moves the yeast along a bit faster.

I was excited to find a recipe for homemade Oreos. Every other recipe I've found for these calls for a cake mix, and I don't usually keep those around. So I was happy to find this recipe that does not use a cake mix.

These cookies are yummy! I followed the recipe as stated, using the lower amount of sugar, except I made the cookies bigger (the size of my smallest scoop). I ended up with 22 cookies, or 11 sandwiches.

I ended up with too much frosting, and I was generous with it in the sandwiches. I think it's because I didn't pipe it. You seem to need 2–3 times as much frosting for piping as you do for spreading. Next time I'll double the cookie recipe, but make the same amount of frosting.

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