The weather is getting cooler. Swimming lessons are over. School has started. We have a new morning routine, and a different structure to our days.

Red Chief has a new teacher to get acquainted with. He is going to school for a full day and eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Soon, I will be taking turns walking the kids to school with a neighbor. I'm glad to have my load lightened a little, but I will miss that extra little bit of time with Red Chief.

Soon, Tiger Lily will be starting preschool—just a couple of days a week, with the kids' moms taking turns teaching.

Soon, my orchestra group will be starting rehearsals again. Lots of work for me, but it will be good to be back.

All these little changes are adding up to make me feel tense. Change is hard, and although none of these changes are very big, they will take some getting used to. So I'm just going to keep telling myself that soon a few weeks will have passed, and we'll be used to the new teacher and the new routine and the new activities, and everything that's new now will be normal. Soon.

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