Bread-baking day

I haven't baked much this summer, but earlier this week I mixed up some dough before swimming lessons one day and baked it afterward. The recipes: No-knead bread and Outback black bread.

I also made caramel coloring for the black bread, which worked well but smelled up the house for a little while. I got some on my finger and it stained it brown, just like food coloring would.

I give myself permission not to bake during the summer so I don't heat up the house. But sometimes I still want to!


  1. One elderly woman at work has been hinting like crazy that she wants to try some of this bread she hears I make from scratch. I was going to bake for some of the coworkers, but then I got sick, then promoted, then sicker. And the heat does present a problem when baking. Ugh.

  2. I want to learn. I really want to learn how to make Challah bread. Someday I want to come see you and visit you to soak up all your knowledge in person. I also LOVE your kids. So BONUS!!!