A quilt and a skirt, in pink

It's been a long time since I've sewn. Want to know why?

It was this quilt. I took a thrifted sheet, some light batting, and some pink cloth to make a quilt for Tiger Lily.

I started the quilt at the beginning of the summer, just before school got out. I thought it would be fun to use the walking foot on my new machine to quilt something. I was going to go along the lattice lines on the sheet. Both directions.

Ha, ha. It ended up taking far longer than I thought it would. Soon I started wishing that I had decided to quilt just every other line.

Well, the quilt just sat all summer until last Friday, when I got the sewing itch and went up again to confront the thing. But those couple of months off made me slightly more realistic, and I decided to just finish quilting the thing in the direction I had started, and forget about doing the other direction. I finished it the next day.

So it's quilted in one direction only. There are some little folds on the bottom where my fabric wasn't smooth. There are some tension issues with the thread (which I eventually figured out was my bobbin). My lines aren't perfectly straight.

But Tiger Lily loves it, because I made it for her, and because the back is pink. . .

. . . which brings us to part two: the pink skirt.

On Saturday as I was working on the quilt, I noticed a pile of clothes passed along by a neighbor. They were too big to fit the kids for several years yet, but I picked up a swingy pink tank top and immediately thought that it would be a perfect skirt for Tiger Lily.

So, like a crazy person, I started on that right after I finished the quilt. It was nice to have a quick, easy project to work on after a big one. I finished it in no time.

The skirt is a bit on the long side, and although I know the extra-long look is popular right now, it just doesn't seem practical for a three-year-old. Perhaps I'll put it away until next year, if I can get away with it. But Tiger Lily loves the skirt, because it's twirly and pink. And I told her she looked so grown-up when we put it on for the first time, and she's proud of that.

In any case, I just cut off the top right below the armpits, made a casing, and put in elastic. It was very simple. I guess I need more practice working with knits, though, because my stitching was all funny. The fabric just wouldn't stay put, even with pins (and yes, I used a ball-point needle). Also the fabric stopped feeding along twice and got all stuck in the hole that the needle goes into. Ack. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, so if anyone has tips for me, I'm all ears.


  1. What a beautiful and precious quilt for Tiger Lily.. She will remember this always.. And who cares if its got a wrinkle in the back..Just makes it prettier because Mama did it for her.
    She looks beautiful in her pink swirl skirt,I think you have done a great job, Mama!!!

    Wish I could help you with the sewing knits.. I have just done a few myself, and have a hard time with them.. Everyone tells me ,I dont have the tension right or either the wrong needle..but still I have troubles..????? I will be watching your blog, to see if I can find help too.ha
    Have a good day.. And hope TigerLily has loads of fun with her new quilt and skirt.

  2. Yay for sewing! I just can't seem to make time, or it's just plain too hot where my sewing area is with the weather at at least 110 and no air conditioning in that part of the house. Ugh. I've finally finished up a few things lately too.
    I wish I had any tips for knits. I find some of the same problems happening. Nice thick knits are easiest to work with but not as cool and flowing.

  3. Awesome......!!! Love the pattern & color.