A new dress (and a three-year-old–directed photo shoot)

This dress is a practice run. I am planning to use the top part of this pattern for a dress that Tiger Lily has specially requested, but I wanted to make up the pattern once first, just to see that it fits. I made it in size five for my big three-year-old. It fits well, and it's roomy enough that when she grows, she can wear it as a tunic.

I used the Sweet Little Dress pattern for this dress, which worked much much better for me than trying to draft a peasant dress pattern from various tutorials (I did end up getting something eventually, but it didn't fit and was really awkward to make).

I'm looking forward to making this pattern up a few more times. It's fast and easy and fun to make. The only alteration I made was to add a ribbon tie to give the dress a little more shape. I might lengthen the sleeves by an inch or so the next time I make it.

I used some fabric that Mr. Mordecai's grandma gave me several years ago. I've never been able to decide whether it's cute or ugly or awesome, but I finally decided that whatever it is, it's certain to look cute on Tiger Lily. The thread was on hand, and I bought the elastic and ribbon.

Tiger Lily is very happy to have another dress (especially because it has flowers and pink on it), and now I just need to decide whether to let her wear it for every day, or to save it for church. She actually has plenty of dresses for church, so maybe this will become an everyday dress.

I'll stop rambling now and give you the three-year-old–directed photo shoot.

She always wants to have her picture taken at the piano, so that's where we started.

We moved outside (looking serious here!), where she wanted to sit on a pile of bricks that Red Chief has been playing with, amid the remains of a sidewalk paint project from last week.

I wanted to move to the grass, and she did eventually agree to stand there . . .

. . . for a minute.

We ended up on the trampoline, of course.


  1. I love,love that dress.. And the fabric is cute,cute!!!
    She did a great photo shoot session too. Just perfect...for a pretty little girl.
    I loved that pattern.I had never seen that company before.Will have to check it out , for my grandaughters..
    What about wear it to church one time, so she can show what her sweet mommy sewed for her, then wear it at home after that.. [My grandkids say, I can always find solutions to make things better for them.lol]

    1. Thank you! That is just what we'll do. Church once, then everyday.

  2. Cute! Glad you got some sewing done. I bet she loves it to death.

  3. Very cute dress!! And I love the 3-year-old directed photo shoot! So fun to let her pick! :)