A new cleaning tool

Earlier this year, I bought my first denture tablets. I used them to clean a pitcher badly stained by grape juice, and it worked well!

I thought the denture tablets would languish in my cleaning cabinet after that, and I would throw them away in a year or two. But I've found myself pulling them out several times in the past six months, mostly for grape juice stains and stained vases. Yesterday I used them on a bowl that stained after soaking black beans. It didn't get all the stain off (probably, but it considerably lightened it.

Denture tablets are cheap (if you buy store brand brand), fun to use, and they smell minty fresh.


How to clean with denture tablets:

Start with a clean (but stained, obviously) object. I don't know the full range of stains that denture tablets will take care of, but they have worked great for dark-colored stains for me.

Fill your object with warm water (or fill something else with water and submerge the object). Add denture tablets. I use 3 or 4 for a large bowl or pitcher. Let the tablets do their thing. Enjoy the minty fresh smell.

When all fizzing stops and the tablets are completely dissolved, empty out the water and give your object a good scrubbing (immediately, while the crud is still loosened). Repeat if necessary.

The denture tablets will brighten white objects, bleach stains to some degree, and loosen hardened crud.

The main use I have pictured so far is in the kitchen. But I read an article that said you could use them in your toilet or on jewelry. I never would have thought of that.

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