A giant jar of pickles

I haven't had any luck growing cucumbers in my garden, but luckily friends and neighbors keep me supplied. Last night I received four cucumbers, one of which was well over 18" long.

Today after lunch I got to work peeling and wedging, inspired by this. And now we have a giant jar of pickles in the fridge, waiting for Mr. Mordecai to come home and devour them.

Now I need to find something to do with the summer squash and green beans I was also gifted. And soon my own tomatoes will be on. Two of our three plants survived my neglect and are thriving.


  1. Pickles look yummy.. and so proud 2 of your tomatoe plants are fixing to give you tomatoes.. Oh so good...when they come off your own vine..enjoy

  2. A couple weeks ago, I bought 128 fl. oz of pickle slices for only $5.99. My daughter often likes to eat just a small plate of pickles. I have big plans for this enormous jar when it runs out, but don't know what yet...