Things I like about visitors

My family visited us last week, and the day after they left, I started listing to Mr. Mordecai all the reasons it was fun to have them here.
  • I didn't have to make breakfast once (thanks to Mr. Mordecai and my parents)
  • Someone else swept and mopped my kitchen floor (thanks Mom)
  • Someone else made dinner half the time (thanks again Mom)
  • My kids had other people to talk to besides me (I can't tell you how restful this is; my kids talk a lot)
  • I had other people to talk to besides my kids (not that I don't like my kids, but it's nice to have a change sometimes )
  • Seeing how good Red Chief can be with babies who are not Tiger Lily (he was so cute with his baby cousin)
  • Doing lots of fun stuff that exhausted the kids, and going all the places we only seem to go when we have visitors
  • Watching my parents and sisters read to my kids (including all of The Boxcar Children to Red Chief)
  • Mr. Mordecai and I going places alone without having to call a babysitter
  • Staying up late and talking to my little sisters
  • My dad discovering and fixing the mysterious problems we'd been having with the garage door


  1. I'm glad you focused on the positive, and now the part where we wound your kids up all the time. :) Thanks for letting us stay!

  2. Sounds like fun.
    I deleted my old profile, too, and am now using the one linked to my email. My new blog is daniellesuniquestory.blogspot.com. I tried to get daniellesstory, but it was taken, but you should check out daniellesstory.blogspot.com, it has some cool recipes. More bells and whistles coming to my unique story soon. Just had to get that first post out to get it rolling. By the way, I did salad in a jar. It was awesome. Soggy, but I prefer my salad soggy. Luv ya.